Social Events

enjoy your SPR conference in Krakow

The Banquet Dinner and Saturday Festivities

The Local Organizing Committee invites conference participants to an extraordinary experience of one of the most spectacular monuments of material and spiritual culture in Poland. In 1978 the Wieliczka Royal Salt Mine was recognized by UNESCO and placed on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. It features hundreds of kilometres of galleries with works of art, underground chapels and statues sculpted in the salt providing a stimulating atmosphere and inspiration for reflection on Polish history and traditions. Feel invited to learn more about this fascinating place before granting yourself the first-hand experience by visiting the UNESCO web site with the gallery: The Conference Banquet will take place in one of the larger chambers situated named after Jan Haluszka, a former counsellor and mining administrator of the Wieliczka Saltworks. It is located 135 meters [~440 feet] underground and features magnificent walls carved in green rock salt, providing a charming and unforgettable atmosphere. It is a place where new friendships and professional relations form, old bonds grow stronger, a place where old acquaintances enjoy enriching reunions. The menu will include well balanced and delicate cuisines in-line with the Polish culinary traditions.
At the end of the dinner the guests will be transported back to the surface using an electric elevator.

The price of the ticket for the entire event is 110 USD [~97 Euro; ~86 Pounds ~420 zlotys] per person for regular members and 80 USD for student members.