June 23 - 26 2021Online Event


52nd International Annual Meeting

52nd SPR International Annual Meeting

From Unravelling to Stitching: Tailoring Psychotherapy in the Face of Change

Wrap on this year's annual meeting

That's a wrap on this year's annual meeting!

There’s no playbook for what we’ve experienced as a global community, or as individuals, over this past year. However, this experience has also opened up new possibilities. New ways of researching, learning and connecting with one another.

It's hard to believe our SPR 2021 annual conference has come to a close! We delivered this experience virtually and worked with presenters across the globe to ensure the 52nd International Annual Meeting was just as impactful as it would have been in-person. We hope that members of our community found valuable lessons and insights during the time we shared, even at a distance.

This conference was an excellent opportunity to connect and share scientific insights on the effective practice of psychotherapy.

We look forward to seeing you all next year in Denver, Colorado.

Shelley McMain, President and Chair, Scientific Program Committee, 2021
Henning Schauenburg, Chair, Local Organizing Committee 2021